The Next Trip

There are a few posts that I wanted to have up here before I wrote this, but I don’t want to wait on updating those of you who have been tracking my progress towards going to Moscow.

To recap the vision of the trip, the Lord laid it on my heart to go to Moscow specifically to pray that His presence would show up

  1. to wash it with the water of His word (Eph 5:25),
  2. establish the work that He has been forming over the past 20-25 years (Zach 4), and
  3. to open doors for people to enter into His promise for them (Is 35).

There a fiery passion that burns in the heart of His people that He placed in them (James 4:5 ESV), and He is excited to see them come alive. I get to go pray for and with these people.

  • Update: Flight is paid and going through DFW $1,010; Parking is paid at $50 for 9 days.
  • Gas will run me about $200
  • the Hotel is paid for, At $230
  • other travel expenses (Uber, food, the Metro) will likely run $160 *
  • That’s a total of $1,650!
  • I have raised $1550 as of this post. Woohoo! Praise the Lord! That means that I need $100 to be fully funded. (see link below)
  • I am connecting with representatives of the City Missions church** in Moscow for accompaniment and some travel, and with a Global Legacy*** partner church for a night of worship.
  • I am planning on leaving on the 16th of September (1.5 days away) and returning on the 23rd.
  • I will be praying the primary 3 things on the evening (sundown) of the 20th, 8 hours ahead of Central Time, if you want to join in!

I would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to message me at peter – at- peter rhodes -dot- net. You can remove the spaces and add the appropriate email punctuation 🙂





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